Project Background    From the beginning the intent was to dramatically raise the bar for what was being done with sustainable commercial interiors in Asia. At the start of this project there had yet to be any certified LEED Platinum projects in China and this project targeted to be the first and highest achieving credit total. The project was to be a healthy, creative, environmentally and fiscally responsible project and that through a collaborative process, was to show the local Design, Construction and Client communities that it is possible to achieve the highest standard design and performance project for both their Staff, their Company, their Financial bottom line and the Environment.      DESIGN The Office space is a “Z” configuration divided over two levels.  The 13F being the main entrance for Clients and Vendors with the 12F for Staff.  Connecting the spaces is a 2 story open atrium area with staircase, climbing wall and library.    The Lobby consists of three main elements, all representing different sustainable construction practices, materials and methods. A rammed earth logo wall, a 100 year old salvaged wood plank wall and a locally harvested bamboo strand reception desk. It was important from the beginning that the office be able to tell its own story and create a space that was natural, healthy, creative and accountable. 

  • 13F Main Logo Wall is a Rammed Earth Wall. Showing layers and colors, strength and texture that references to an ancient sustainable construction technique as well the Earth. The Logo is made out of a plank of one hundred year old salvaged wood, with hard and soft grain lines, and a subtle poetic reference of time.

  • 13F Feature Wood Wall. Made of beam timber salvaged from Old Shanghai Housing being demolished, cut and milled down to 4-6 meter lengths (12-18 foot length boards), and re assembled into a wood paneled feature wall in the atrium/staircase area. 

  • 13F Reception Desk: Made of Bamboo board, Neapolitan and dark strand, Rapidly Renewable, Regionally manufactured and extracted and NAF (No Added Formaldehyde) certified. Further focusing on nature and the beauty of texture, color, pattern and different type of sustainable materials.

  • 13F Conference Room Glass Partition System and Conference Table. Reusable, Demountable, Acoustically sound, regionally manufactured and modern. Conference Table is a custom dark strand bamboo top with latest technology, LED lights and controls, Fresh Air and CO2 sensor.

  • 12F Staircase from Bamboo treads salvaged steel and salvaged wood.

  • 12F Open work area has many sustainable features, with ceiling, lighting, daylight and views, furniture and chairs all working together to form a creative, pleasant and sustainable work environment for staff.

LEED Items

  • SS: Located in Pudong district of Shanghai, near buss stops, metro stations and amenities. 

  • WE: Achieved substantial savings beyond what measured and noted in the project, due to having changed out the fixtures on two floors, such that 300 people benefit. See savings wild card note.

  • EA: We are noted 46% LPD reduction at time of occupancy, since then we have upgraded with all LED MR16 light fixtures, now achieving over 55% LPD reduction. We measure our energy use, calibrate our CO2 footprint and offset via purchasing trees being planted in Inner Mongolia with Jane Goodall’s Shanghai Roots and Shoots Million Tree Project. 

  • MR:  One of the biggest challenges in the market in China was finding manufacturers and suppliers that had true sustainable products or were willing to work outside of the box to make good things happen. We were fortunate to have several key suppliers with sustainable stewardship programs and they stepped up to help us attain our project goals. We acknowledge the contributions of Smith&Fong Plyboo, Haworth, InterfaceFlor, Kohler and Clestra. 

  • IEQ: Critical to health and staff for all the IEQ rating and we targeted and achieved 15/17.

The final story in this project is the impact that one project can have on a group of people, and how that message can spread and make a real difference. The space was meant to be a showcase for thoughts, ideas, commitments and actions with a clear, meaningful goal. Its success is about this moment in time, raising the bar and getting individuals and companies to become catalysts for making important decisions. Millions of them. We hope to be able to contribute and make that difference in China, one project and one individual at a time.   Arc8X Design Information Arc8X Design is a Design led Consulting Company, providing Multinational Clients with architectural and commercial interior design and build solutions. In addition to receiving recognition for their creative and sustainable projects, they have received numerous community awards for their social and environmental responsibility, reflecting commitment to their founding axiom:  “Think Green, Be Accountable. Make a Difference.”

Project Team:

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