Shanghai Film Museum
Project Name:Shanghai Film Museum
Location: Shanghai, China
Product: norament® 926 grano
norament® 926 lago
Proportion: 7,439 m2
Installation: 2012
Archtect: Shanghai Art-Designing Co., Ltd.
Coordination Asia Architecture
Design & Consulting Co., Ltd.
Shanghai Film Museum is located in Caoxi North
Road, Xuhui District, Shanghai, on the old site of
Shanghai Film Studio. There are four themed areas,
an arts video hall building and NO. 5 film studios,
which combine display with interaction, and visiting
with experience. With functions of cultural relics
collection, academic research, social education and
exhibition etc., it shows the charm of Shanghai film,
and tells stories vividly behind films and of
filmmakers to visitors.
Four Themed Areas
Ground Floor ----- Honor Hall
Shanghai is the birthplace, as well as springhead of
Chinese film. In the one-hundred-year history of
Chinese film, Shanghai film group has created
splendid cultural achievements. The hall exhibits the
outstanding contributions to social development and
history improvement made by Shanghai film through
different sides of " brilliant century ", "glorious
moment", "the birth of national anthem” , “bright
Golden Cup", and “top in film history" etc.
Second Floor ---Movie Factory
Movie, a unique form of culture, was born with
fantastic features. The exhibits in this area show the
magical mystery in movie production, and will open
the window of manufacturing technology for you.
Visitors can study the production process here, and
experience the magical charm of movies personally.
Third Floor --- History Gallery
At the end of 19th century, film came to Shanghai as
a new invention. From the 1910s to the 1940s, it
took roots and sprouted here, and grew to be the
promoter of Chinese culture. There are 6 themes in this
hall: “find the source” , "dream factory", “the river of
art” , “amazing facts” , “classic dubbed foreign
film” , and “animation gallery” . The exhibits will
show the various achievements of Shanghai Films to
visitors in a unique way.
Fourth Floor --- Screen Memory
The theme of this hall is moviemaker; scenes and
screening, formed by "Avenue of Stars", "Starry Sky",
"Grandmaster Manner", “Nanjing Road Under the
Mercury Lamp", and “Centennial Issue Show". On the
"Avenue of Stars", visitors can experience the glory of
celebrity with flash photography and cheers on the red
carpet. "Starry Sky" and "Grandmaster Manner" show
the life story, literature achievement and life scenes of
outstanding moviemakers. “Nanjing Road Under the
Mercury Lamp" shares the classic movie scenes from
Shanghai films. "Centennial Issue Show" displays the
models, advertisements and posts used to promote the
issuing of old movies, and recalls the memory of the
enduring cultural charm of Shanghai films.
nora® rubber flooring with different designs are applied
perfectly in all four exhibition areas. Both the jade-like
norament® 926 lago, laid on the ground & second
floor, and the classic black norament® 926 grano are
all elegant and charming. In the animation gallery of
the third floor, bright green norament® 926 grano is
inlaid with beige color, which creates a lively and
pleasant atmosphere. Children are particularly
attracted by a unique area in the center of this hall. The
square flooring, which looks almost like uni-color, is
regarded as the screen for the projector on the ceiling,
and shows the wonderful animation at the feet of
audiences in an amazing way.
Thanks to the advantages, such as wear-resistant, easy
to clean and the footstep absorption characteristics of
the nora® flooring system, it’s often used in large public
buildings where requires flooring bearing high traffic
load all day long. In Shanghai, whether in old
buildings like the 13-year-old Urban Planning Exhibition
Hall, or new buildings like the China Art Palace, you
can see nora® there, still in perfect condition.
Since nora® flooring has a high dimensional stability, it
means no visible joints will show up, resulting in thermal
expansion and contraction, delicate and complex inlay
can be made without welding. In the Shanghai Film
Museum, wonderful inlays become another attractive
point to all the visitors.
The opening of the sixteenth International Film Festival as
well as the Shanghai Film Museum has brought great
delight to movie lovers in China. What are you waiting
for? Come and experience the wonderful trip here with
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