NBBJ, in collaboration and partnership with CCDI, have designed the Hangzhou Sports Park: A vibrant, pedestrian-centric sports and recreation development located in the midst of Hangzhou’s new urban environment. Situated on the Qian Tang riverfront opposite of the new Central Business District, and encompassing a site of approximately 400,000 square meters, the sports park is seen as an opportunity for creating picturesque and sustainable public spaces that are often elusive in the newly constructed urbanism of China.
受到西湖胜景的启发,NBBJ洛杉矶公司在杭州西南部设计了8万人体育场。公司合伙人 Robert Mankin 解释说这是对“西湖沿岸冠状植被”的呼应。该体育场将成为一片综合性体育会场中最引人注目的建筑,裸露的结构被巨大的、半透明的“叶子”通体覆盖。NBBJ正在对弯曲的半透明板尝试不同的材料:钢丝网、穿孔金属板以及ETFE(ethylenetet rafIuou roethvIene),一种已经成功应用在北京奥运会鸟巢和水立方中的塑料薄膜材料。

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