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naked Stables Private Reserve is targeting to become the first LEED (Leadership in Environmental Energy Design) platinum certified resort in Asia.  Committed to building the greenest resort from the outset, all buildings are designed to minimize the environmental impact, fit in with the natural surroundings and integrate the local community.
The project will save up to 35% of its total energy use through the combination of intelligent building design, well insulated envelopes and the use of an energy efficient water source heat pump for heating and cooling. In addition the resort will save over 30% in water consumption. Low flow bathroom fixtures and dual flush toilets are installed. Rainwater is collected from roofs and roads for grey water recycling. All grey and black water is treated and reused for toilet flushing and site irrigation. Further, all free flowing water is brought to the valley's central stream where natural land formations are used to filter the impurities from the water prior to being treated and used as grey water.
Finally, rather than using one standard construction type for all of the buildings, the project experimented with many different types of building materials carefully chosen to suite the needs of each building type, from traditional rammed-earth for the Stables to modern insulated rammed-earth for the Earth Huts and Clubhouse and SIP panels for the Treetop Villas.
Overall, only 6% of the land was developed, leaving 94% of the project site in its natural state.

Project Team:

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