Imondi Flooring has a long-standing relationship with Starbucks in several countries, ensuring consistent supply globally of the highest quality products and expertise. Their latest collaboration can be seen at the Tiangfu Riverfront in Chengdu, China.

The Starbucks Store at the Tiangfu Riverfront in Chengdu was completed using reclaimed Raw Pine from Imondi’s Organic Range. It is a prime example of the interplay between sustainable products and contemporary design, such that the combination of rich and diverse hues in the Raw Pine reflect the diversity and range of the coffee itself.

The use of Imondi’s Raw Pine for the walls, shared table, and light fixtures creates a holistic effect - reflecting Imondi’s philosophy of sustainable practices and products – whereby a warm and rustic feel is complemented by a modern space; this effect is further enhanced by the absence of a visible finish on the wood.

The Raw Pine in our Organic Range is found in widths from 100-270mm, and in length from 500-2200mm.


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