Located in central Colombo, this new 13 storey hospital building contains 260 beds, 192 private rooms, 12 theatres, Accident and Emergency, 7 residential apartments, a food court, 60 consultancy rooms and parking space for 400 cars. Design Cues led the design process from the selection of the site through to final completion. Central to the design concept and the building is a large atrium that acts as a passive stack ventilation system, drawing fresh air through the rooms, over water features that cool it and out through the roof. This feature also acts as a lightwell, maximising daylighting to all possible rooms. Crucially, it also provides a comfortable space for peace and relaxation in the heart of the hospital.

An innovative polycarbonate sheeting called Ampelite Solarsafe was used to cover the roof of the atrium which allows light in but provides protection for solar radiation and heat. Large tiles were imported from China to minimise the need for grouting, thereby allowing the hospital to remain clean and hygienic. A Bluescope double-sided sandwich insulation was used for the first time as an insulation & cladding material for sealing the air conditioning in the operating theatres.

The building also features extensive planting, both inside and out, to encourage biodiversity and provide an amenity for patients. 40% of water is sourced from the groundwater below and is treated in a plant on the upper levels.


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