About to start construction on swampy land, this apartment building aims to increase biodiversity within its footprint. Of the four apartments on each floor, two will high growing spaces for trees. These will alternate floor by floor to allow 7m of growing space. This will allow room for 82 budded mango trees; an endemic but threatened species. Watering for these will be provided by drip irrigation from recycled grey water to avoid increasing the demand on the local freshwater supply.

The build up for these planting areas will be: concrete slab, waterproofing membrane, gravel/aggregate, Geotec geotextile, soil and plants. To allow space for drainage, there are also intervals with a thicker layer of gravel/aggregate.

In addition to these ecology targets, the building also features an 80kW array of photovoltaic panels on the roof to power the communal facilities of the development. Using a simple concrete structure, the development will also have a gymnasium and badminton, tennis and squash courts.


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