M Moser is a global firm which has specialised in the creation of workplace environments, corporate base buildings and campuses since 1981.

Client business objectives and needs are met through M Moser’s integrated solutions approach and a constantly evolving base of in-house capabilities and services. Teams are based around experienced strategic planners, interior designers, architects, M&E engineers, technology specialists and construction professionals.

Operating from 16 locations worldwide, M Moser has completed over 4,500 projects to date, for clients who vary from multinational companies and financial institutions to privately-owned businesses.

Since 1993, our Shanghai team has built both large and small workplaces for a diverse group of multinational clients. They include financial institutions, professional services firms and companies involved in the telecoms, pharmaceutical, IT, manufacturing and financial sectors. From developing architecture from the 'inside-out', to interior design, planning, engineering, and construction, we can deliver effective workplaces for all kinds of businesses.

M Moser wants to be environmental friendly, profitable and it provides a healthy place to live and work. The new Shanghai office is relocated from the old site, which is on Ding Xi Road. M Moser has also a rich experience in LEED certification administration. With our in-house experienced staff, we are targeting at LEED Gold accreditation. In this office, we use the combination of T5 and LED in this office. Over 75% of the office area is covered by occupancy sensor, which will help to reduce the unnecessary energy waste.

LEED scorecard:
Project Name: M Moser Associates Shanghai
Rating System: LEED Commercial Interior v2009
Certification Date: Sep 2012
Certified LEED Level: Gold (69/110)
Sustainable Sites: 17/21
Water Efficiency: 6/11
Energy & Atmosphere: 25/37
Materials & Resources: 2/14
Indoor Environmental Quality: 11/17
Innovation: 4/6
Regional Priority Credits: 4/4

Project Energy Savings :
Project Water Savings: 93.54 kGal (36.45% * 256.63 kGal)
Project Waste Savings: 15.90 tons (88.33% * 18 tons)

For more information, please visit: www.mmoser.com.


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