CH2 is the first commercial office building in Australia to surpass Australia's Green Building Council's six star rating. Major environmental features include a healthy indoor environment with 100% air exchange every 30 minutes. CH2 is also designed as a prototype example to demonstrate that buildings can significantly reduce energy consumption (CH2 operates using 50% less energy than conventional commercial buildings). As a City, Melbourne aims for zero carbon emissions by 2020.

Materials include recycled materials (timber, and concrete), wood windows, and solar hot water heaters, photovoltaics, and wind turbines. Shower towers and phase change materials are used to create cold water which is stored for use in chilled ceilings and beams to keep temperatures comfortable. Sewer water is harvested for non-potable sources.

CH2 is highly decorated as a pioneering green project in Australia. Awards include:

2009 Asia Pacific Property Awards, Best Commercial Architecture

2007 Australian Property Institute Excellence in Property Awards (Victoria) President’s Award

2007 RAIA Award for Sustainable Architecture (National)

2007 RAIA Award for Sustainable Architecture (Victoria)

2005 World Environment Day Award joint winner of National Best Green Building Award

2005 Year of the Built Environment ‘Imagining the Future’ Award

2004 Green Buildings Council of Australia, Six Star Rating for the Design Stage

2004 Year of the Build Environment National Awards, 'Imagining the Future' Award


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