Federation Square is a civic project which combines nine different commercial and cultural programs on a 3.6 hectare site. The program includes museums, retail, restaurants, parking, and a 25,000 seat open-air amphitheater.

The design mixes triangular geometries in an irregular though controlled pattern to allow for a range of configurations from small intimate personal spaces to large scale public zones. The mixed use program supports active and diverse day-to-day activities providing a social and cultural backbone for the city.

Federation Square features a 1,600 square meter maze-like passive heating and cooling system that is known as 'The Labyrinth'. The maze walls are made of corrugated concrete which increase their total surface area and thermal mass storage capacity. In summer, cool air passes through the Labyrinth at night, cooling the concrete walls. During the day, air cooled by the walls is pumped into the buildings. In winter, the thermal mass of the sub-grade walls preheats air before it is pumped inside.

Additional design features include: double glazed external windows, sleep mode for escalators, variable speed drives on A/C pumps and a hermetic seal which cuts air conditioning requirements in half.

Measuring Impact
Since 2007 Federation Square has saved approximately 22 million liters of water, increased recycling by 15% and reduced energy consumption by close to 1 million kilowatts. Since 2009, Fed Square's carbon footprint has been reduced by nearly 40% through improved operational habits, improved efficiencies and the purchase of green energy sources.

Ongoing onsite environmental initiatives include:
- Installation of water tanks which hold 160,000 liters
- Upgrade Cooling Towers to improve water efficiency
- Installation of a rain garden in the Car Park
- Installation of waterless urinals and AAA shower heads
- Implementation of on-site waste sorting and recycling
- Implementation of composting
- Installation of thermal energy meters to monitor air conditioning energy consumption
- Installation of lighting sensors
- Purchase of Green Energy for all Fed Square events, FSPL offices and Car Park
- Tenant education programs for water efficient devices


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